Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers permanently replace the need for constant trimming and poison chemical spraying because they fix the problem with their first application. They’re not temporary. They don’t expand the area to be trimmed like most decorative treatments that themselves become mowing obstructions. Lawn Dots will not ‘creep’, gradually becoming larger areas than originally desired, nor allow erosion, like chemical poisons. Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers are low cost, quick and easy to apply, never need fuel or refuse to start, don’t use poisons at precise mixing ratios, or particular weather conditions to apply or succeed. Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers are not mowing obstructions, need no special tools or other products for completion, and allow common mowers to finish without separate efforts to trim. Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers won’t cause side effects like damage to mowers or the lawn features themselves. They work by denying sunlight. They’re non-porous so nothing can grow through them. They don’t need re-application or refreshing like wood mulch (organic mulches) or eventual weeding like all mulches applied over permeable fabric weed barriers. They don’t take up storage space like poison chemicals and their sprayers/spreaders, or like string trimmers and their spare line and fuels. Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers are the quickest, easiest, most reliable, and longest lasting trimming method.