There are many ‘Custom’ possibilities for serving the needs of bulk-purchase Professionals:
  • Markings
  • Colors
  • Hole sizing/preparation
  • Shipping-drop shipping/palletizing/packaging
  • Thickness/weight
  • Blanket pricing…………………..just to name a few.
For these reasons, we ask that all Professionals contact us directly to discuss each purchase.  This will best allow us to assure that Lawn Dot products are provided and perform as a Professional expects.

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For Landscape Architects and Designers, we propose the following SPECIFICATION:


Unless otherwise specified, permanent utility fixtures and decorative amenities protruding from grade within an area of grass or lawn, that could pose difficulty for, or incapability of, lawn mowing equipment, or hazard to mowing personnel, shall include an escutcheon , of material sufficiently sized so as to create a permanent, vegetation-free boundary, at grade, that will not require string trimming or other treatment, in addition to mowing, to achieve complete mower cutting.

This escutcheon shall not be bio-degradable nor suffer functional failures from any prevailing or reasonably foreseeable local environmental conditions, including sunlight exposure and frost. It shall not pose a hazard of itself such as damage to mowing equipment nor become projectile if struck by mowing equipment.

This escutcheon shall be capable of application after the installation of such protrusions, have a central opening which easily allows for reconfiguration by common tools, shall be thin enough in cross-section so as to not require implantation to avoid hazard to mowing equipment passing over it, shall inhibit the passage of sunlight, moisture and nutrients, and include a significant contiguous overlap of material at any location(s) of a parting feature(s) required for application.

As performed by Lawn Dottm , manufactured by People Devices, Inc., in the USA and found on-line via www.lawndot.com , or equal.

DESIGN FOR MINIMUM MAINTENANCE – design suggestions for beautifully-trimmed lawns and landscapes on tight budgets. Use Lawn Dots – “a green step closer to a zero-maintenance exteriorsm.”.

When unable to disguise utility fixtures with shrouding landscapes, or unable to justify the expense of such shrouding, use a simple and economical escutcheon appliance called LAWN DOT to eliminate years of extra maintenance costs and potential damage while enabling common mowing equipment to finish without separate efforts to trim.

A recent experiment I conducted taught me the value of eliminating specimen plant competition. Last fall, 4 large clumps of decorative grasses on my own property were divided into 120 plantings. Some were treated with herbicide to eliminate competition, some were treated with Lawn Dots, and the balance were left untreated. Growing conditions for all were otherwise identical. The treated plants thrived; the untreated plants suffered visibly. Lawn Dots worked with one application; herbicide treatment required 3 re-applications.

Lawn Dots leave a nearly undetectable clear margin for easy, complete mower cutting around all kinds of lawn features. (Our complete definition of LAWN FEATURES can be seen at TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the bottom menu bar of this site.) If not so undetectable, Lawn Dots are available in 5 common landscape colors to blend well with any landscape theme.


  1. A business sign is to be erected and needs illumination. Design suggestion: use a single pole to support the sign and escutcheon it with a properly sized Lawn Dot. Use a Lawn Dot around each lighting fixture protruding from the ground and space the fixtures away from the sign just beyond the anticipated width of mowing equipment. Result: a quicker, cleaner, less costly installation, without obscuring or distracting bushes or plants that defeat the purpose of the sign – quick, clear recognition.

  2. You want a flagpole with the flag visible at night, so it must be illuminated. Whether lights are added or not, the scenario is the same as the business sign above, with the same appearance and cost-saving advantages.

  3. A fire hydrant poses an eye-sore and extra maintenance nuisance. Close shrouding efforts are prohibited. Quickly add a Lawn Dot to make the hydrant look like a more professional installation and eliminate future maintenance concerns.

  4. A gas line ‘test spur’ (the 2” pipes that come out of the ground about 4 feet, run over 3 feet with devices, then go back into the ground) is on, or required to be on, the property. And, like the fire hydrant, needs to be very visible, with no budget for shrouding bushes. To make it look clean and professional, use a Lawn Dot on each pipe. It’s now as neat and professional as possible without extra initial or maintenance costs.

  5. There’s a street or road sign that prohibits shrouding. Lawn Dot to the rescue.


It’s a common problem – now with a quick, easy and inexpensive solution: Lawn Dot.