Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers are designed to lay flat on the ground so there’s nothing for a mower to hit or scatter as they pass over, leaving a finished cut. Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers are made by a patented process that can make the unique tapered flat cross section in more than a full circle, to include a substantial overlap of the parting slit. The parting slit allows for its one-piece, no-assembly-required installation, and the substantial overlap assures complete, reliable coverage – even over ground irregularities.

The tapered cross-section is thicker at the outer perimeter to endure mower traffic and thins toward the central hole, making it easier to cut to size and form a tight ‘lip’ seal around the lawn feature—the most efficient use of material. The thermoplastic material is specially formulated to be very heavy while being thin and flexible. This blend of characteristics enables Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers to smother vegetation and conform to the ground all by themselves. Other ingredients protect the favorite landscape colors from weathering. Lawn Dot brand vegetation barriers can be moved or reused if desired without leaving harmful side effects. They’re recyclable and are currently available in 3 handy sizes.