Lawn Dots are made from a recyclable filled-thermoplastic to exhibit performance characteristics desirable for the intended use outdoors.

There is a sensitive balance in one of the desired characteristics – shear, or ‘tear’ strength – that is difficult and subjective.  To allow for its flexibility, to easily conform, create a compliant and tight “lip” seal around objects, not constrict if placed around plant life, and, ease of hole adaptation using common scissors, the interior cross-section is thinned and the shear or tear strength is kept low.  This low shear or tear strength could allow thin cross-sections to tear more easily than anticipated.
Understanding the above, if within 30 days of purchase a retail consumer believes that their Lawn Dot(s) is/are defective in material or manufacture, they must return, postage prepaid, the entire unit(s) for either an original retail price refund to include any tax via a payment method credit, or at our discretion, a replacement, postage prepaid to the address on record for the original purchase shipment. Proof of retail purchase requires the retail Customer to furnish the Transaction ID numberCustomers will receive an email from with their transaction ID. Please be sure that your transaction ID was not sent to your email’s junk folder. If you do not have that email, you can still recover the ID. You can log into your Paypal account and view the ID in your transaction history. Alternatively, you can visit and click “Contact Us” to request the ID.
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